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Nurture Everlasting Relationships with Your Constituents

Nonprofits are facing tremendous pressure. With fundraising potential declining there’s an urgent need to provide experiences that offer personalization. In fact, personalized experiences are now more important than ever. The good news is that leveraging innovation can enable your nonprofit to set the bar high.

Non-profits Need to Digitally Adapt

In the digital age, nonprofits can leverage technology to diminish the following challenges:

Lack of Continuous Fund Sourcing Lack of a Secure Platform
Engage donors and constituents for Continuous Fund Sourcing Leverage a unified platform that provides high scalability
No Strategic Planning Engaging Constituents in Real-time
Execute an all-round strategic plan to reach out to the right donors Handle customers via all digital channels
Absence of Networking Collaboration
Construct and maintain a holistic network of your constituents Gain control with effective collaboration between volunteers and team members
Lack of Maintenance Volunteer Management
Build a robust infrastructure that also provides apt maintenance Effectively manage your volunteers and engage new volunteers as well


Constituents are the Centerpiece of Nonprofits

Managing constituents effectively can redefine your nonprofit. Visionet’s Nonprofit Accelerator allows you to steward and build relationships with donors, volunteers, advocates and other constituents with a constituent centric management system.

Fundraising Management Project Delivery Management Award Management
Manage fundraising from a single unified portal. Be agile and deliver projects efficiently. Request Awards or Funds for a particular goal.
Donation Beneficiary Management Donation Categorization Volunteer Management
Manage donation beneficiaries with proper case management Assign designations to donors and categorize Onboard volunteers with preferred qualifications and area of expertise.


Elevate Your Nonprofit Organization

Visionet’s Non-profit Accelerator is a purpose-built comprehensive management solution for non-profit organizations, charities, and religious organizations. With our expertise, you’ll be able to effectively manage your organization’s activities and make smarter decisions that will boost your organization’s productivity.

Get in touch with our experts to learn how we can harness the power of our nonprofit accelerator to transform your organization’s processes.

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