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Visionet redesigned the biotech company’s BI infrastructure and deployed their existing 10-node Qlik cluster on AWS to ensure scalability and pull their data together into one simple, easy-to-analyze dashboard.


Our client is one of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the US. It relies on the use of massive amounts of data to develop new products, solutions, and cures. Information storage and management, moving data libraries between stakeholders, and real-time collaboration are major IT challenges for the client. They also needed to consolidate data from sources in different physical environments, address slow turnaround on reporting that led to delayed decision making, and mitigate increasing on-premises infrastructure costs.


Visionet redesigned the client’s BI infrastructure and data pipelines to ensure scalability and pull their data together into one simple, easy-to-analyze dashboard. We rearchitectured and deployed the client’s existing Qlik cluster on Amazon Web Services, which included the deployment of a 10-node Qlik cluster, configuration and setting, sorting connectivity, caching, and internetworking issues, and managing and routing security credentials to Qlik console via Microsoft Active Directory using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). This helped our client integrate and analyze huge volumes of data from multiple sources.
Visionet also performed cloud migration from on-premises Windows Server and Oracle database to Amazon Web Services and Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service respectively. We used SoftNAS to set up a 2-node file server cluster on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

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Biotechnology Company
Biotech Company

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