Empowering Decision Making and Reimagining Productivity in Life Sciences

Visionet transformed a leading life sciences firm’s data management processes by shifting any on-premises data and decision support system to the AWS Cloud. The resulting implementation improved collaboration, data access, information security, decision-making, and customer focus.
AWS Cloud Case Study


The customer is a leading multi-billion dollar global life sciences company that provides life-transforming medicines for a variety of health conditions such as asthma, pain, cancer, and infectious disease.

The company frequently needs to transfer terabytes of data between collaborating users. The sluggish computer network didn’t handle such high-volume data traffic.

A suboptimal configuration of the company’s DSS (Qlik) resulted in frequent downtime, which resulted in inefficient collaboration, data analysis, and decision-making.

Because of inadequate information security, users were often exposed to content irrelevant to their work.

AWS Cloud Migration Case Study


Visionet migrated the customer’s on-premises data to the AWS Cloud to achieve seamless collaboration as data was made accessible at any time and from anywhere.

The customer’s Qlik servers were re-architected and their implementation was also shifted to AWS to expedite the generation of mission-critical reports and enhance decision-making.

End-to-end security of cloud operations critical information was achieved through SAML while Amazon SSO centralized and simplified the management of application access to different user accounts.


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