Breaking Down Silos: Enabling a holistic data view for a leading cosmetic treatment brand

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Our client is a global medical device company based in Massachusetts, specializing in manufacturing aesthetic and medical lasers for various treatments. It operates in over 130 countries, providing training, support, and resources to medical professionals.


The client lacked a centralized domain to store data coming in from disparate systems. The absence of a single source of truth made data extraction and consolidation complex. In addition, extracting useful insights from data required manual efforts which were time consuming and made it challenging for the client to focus on strategic directions. The client required a robust data platform that could unify data originating from multiple sources and ensure its timely availability to business users. 


Visionet implemented a modern data platform that consolidated and unified data from multiple sources, creating a single repository for centralized data storage and easy access. Self-service reporting capabilities were also provided which allowed business users to generate customized reports and metrics, helping them make more strategic decisions and monitor organizational performance. Overall, a data-rich, data-driven culture was created for the client to support future growth and success. 


The modern data platform mitigated the challenges faced by the organization and enabled a data-rich and data-driven culture across all departments. It brought numerous benefits to our client, including a unified & holistic view of data, self-service reporting, improved data reliability & transparency, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. 

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