Revolutionizing Retail: Google Cloud Empowers Precision and Efficiency for a Leading US Retailer

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The client is a leading player in the business of specialty mattresses in the US and has over 2,400 stores spanning across 49 states.


The client encountered obstacles in optimizing and automating cross-team data sharing and analysis. Without an efficient mechanism, they resorted to manual processes, which proved to be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to inaccurate and inconsistent reports. The client sought a solution to improve productivity and enable easy and secure access to accurate data through process digitization.


The client collaborated with Visionet to orchestrate process digitalization. Visionet harnessed the power of Google Cloud technologies to deliver faster, more accurate data pipelines for seamless data sharing and cross-departmental collaboration. We implemented a centralized data collection point for efficient data sharing and established data pipelines to automate the seamless transfer of multiple data types.

The integration of a reporting system also facilitated KPI computation and report generation. This resulted in optimized processes, secure data access, improved efficiency, and automated KPI and report generation.

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