E-Commerce-Kanal startet in der Salesforce Commerce Cloud innerhalb von 6 Wochen

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Mit Nutzung der Beschleuniger von Visionet mit Salesforce Commerce Cloud beschleunigten Experten den 6-wöchigen E-Commerce-Start des Geschäftes und verbesserten das Kundenerlebnis durch Integration, UI/UX und verschiedenen Funktionen.


The second-largest department store in Europe was grappling with the hurdles following the COVID-19 pandemic. The brick-and-mortar store, attracting more than 40,000 customers every day, faced a drastic drop in sales, leading to zero revenue generation. The store, with a strong customer base and an extensive product range, was unable to engage, connect, and serve its customers efficiently. That’s when they started seeking a rapid launch of their eCommerce site and building its digital presence. Confident in what we do, Visionet intervened and aimed to launch the eCommerce site in six weeks.


By leveraging Visionet’s accelerators packaged with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, our seasoned experts expedited the digital transformation journey for the store. The store successfully launched its eCommerce site in 6 weeks. Jam-packed with rich features and SFRA storefront capabilities, visionet helped the store deliver seamless, enriching, and personalized customer experiences, resulting in better retention of loyal customers via exceptional customer service across all mediums. The engagement included:

  • Seamless integration between the storefront and OMS via PartnerLinQ – Connector for Commerce
  • Out-of-the-box UI/UX storefront capabilities of the SFRA accelerator
  • Best-in-class features and functionalities
  • Deployment of pre-built libraries and reusable templates.

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