Non-QM Loan Processing

Not every prospective homeowner meets the conventional mortgage requirements set by the government. Visionet enables you to meet the needs of your non-conventional borrowers by helping them get a home or refinance an existing one with Non-QM Loan Processing.

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Shifting to New Ways of Meeting Non-QM Mortgage Needs

  • Scalability

  • Agility

  • Automation

  • Lower Turnaround Time

  • Faster Processing Time

  • Regulatory Compliance

The Visionet Advantage

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Experience with Renowned Investors

Experience with Renowned Investors

SE Capital, Citi Bank, A&D Mortgage, Verus Mortgage, First Guarantee Mortgage Corporation

Major Programs

Major Programs

DSCR, ITIN, Bank Statement, Fix & Flip, Any customized program



AI/ML-Powered Document Automation Technology simplifies the complex processes involved in processing a non-QM loan such as advanced bank statement analysis, due diligence and a lot more

Get Ready for Non-QM Financing

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Round the Clock Available 100+ Experienced Underwriters

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A Client Base that Speaks Volume

6 out of the top 20 lenders are our clients

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Processing and Turnaround Time Optimization

Streamlining end-to-end operations with 2000+ files/week underwriting capacity

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