Salesforce Strategic Consulting and Implementation Services

Sell faster, market smarter, and redefine your customer experience with Salesforce

Our Vision

Connect With Your Customer in More Powerful and Personalized Ways

Long-lasting success depends on collaboration in today’s world. We leverage Salesforce’s highly customizable and cloud-powered Customer 360 Platform to instill greater engagement, customer centricity, & brand loyalty.

  • Sell and Grow More with Powerful Sales Solutions
  • Build Solid Pipeline with Data-Driven Marketing Engagements
  • Deliver Personalized Customer Service Experiences. Anywhere, every time.

What business value do we deliver as a Salesforce partner?

We believe in a customer-centric Salesforce solution implementation and work in a collaborative manner to assist you in integrating state-of-the-art technology and redefining customer experience. Our decades of expertise, coupled with the Salesforce customer 360 platform enables increased sales, more personalized marketing, and a unified customer management experience across all channels.

Our Top Success Stories

Read stories about our collaboration with some of the world’s biggest names


Visionet used the Salesforce platform to build a better web and mobile experience for CPO that features enhanced navigation and search, and more vivid and memorable branding with a unique personality.

Mattress Firm

Visionet designed a solution that helped Mattress Firm simplify product information management. We deployed a high-performance enterprise BI solution that provided detailed reports across business functions.


In the wake of the global pandemic crisis, KeDeWe had to shut down their retail store. This was a big setback as the company had no digital presence and their annual revenue was dependent on the store.

Our Recipe
for Customer Success

Accelerated Project Timelines

With integrations and Visionet’s accelerators, without compromising quality

Return on Investment

Guaranteed with practical offshore-onshore hybrid models

Expert Consultants

200+ Salesforce certified individuals with a diverse set of trailblazer credentials

Smooth Project Completion

Hands on approach with regular project touchpoints

Visionet’s Specialties for Salesforce Cloud

Commerce Cloud
Analytics Cloud
Service Cloud
Sales Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Experience Cloud
App Cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Seamless commerce experience for B2B and B2C customers. Optimize the conversion funnel. Offer simple, self-service online buying. Provide fast, flexible order fulfillment. Extend digital commerce into the store. Solve B2B ecommerce complexities and optimize daily B2B functions. Get to market faster!

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Tranform BIG data into business intelligence. Analyze key metrics that shows exactly how your business is performing, and why. Build your own analytics apps tailored to your business. Use simple drag-drop tools to build complex queries. Securely delivery any data, from any source on a single platform. Analyze data from anywhere at your fingertips from any device.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Deliver personalized 1-to-1 customer support where the customer is via omni-channel. Follow customer enquiries across social media, email, phone, website, chat with KPI driven customer support. Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Salesforce Integration Cloud

Salesforce Integration Cloud is a set of tools & services that make customer data surfacing easy, irrespective of the data location – delivering smart and consolidated customer experiences across all touchpoints and channels.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Track sales funnel, pipeline and forecast with intelligent sales and customer insights. Track leads better, nurture prospects effectively, close more deals faster. Collaborate across teams. Work from anywhere with information at your fingertips.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Deliver exceptional brand experience across multiple channels. Understand communication are working and which aren’t. Analyze customer interactions in real-time. Deliver immediate, personalized and targeted campaigns. Make the most out of every interaction with your customers. Get clear picture of ROI for every makreting effort.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Transform your online collaboration and business process platform that connects employees, customers, partners, suppliers and distributors. Build and track self-service customer communities. Connect directly with resellers, distributors and partners. Accelerate channel sales. Connect product teams with direct feedback.

Salesforce App Cloud

Create the apps you need quickly and easily. Connect devices, apps and customer data in a single platform. Build mobile-ready apps lightning fast. Scale efforetlessly with cloud-based development and rollout. Respond instantly to business needs without additional infrastructure.

Our Key Offerings


Lightning Conversion



Business Intelligence


Salesforce Staffing

Support & Maintenance



"We had changed our e-commerce platforms several times, but still struggled to find the right platform to meet our growing business demands. We needed the new Demandware platform to be implemented before the holiday season, and I’m thrilled that Visionet Systems was able to deliver against a tight Deadline..”

Melissa Woolf, VP Marketing & eCommerce Operations, KUIU

"Working with Visionet has been instrumental in allowing us to innovate and provide a better overall customer experience throughout our website. Their thought leadership, broad technical capabilities, and extensive portfolio allow us to engage with them on many different projects. ”

David Burbine, Director of eCommerce, Dooney & Bourke

"Visionet’s Salesforce implementation helped us think strategically about all aspects of our business that needed to be addressed. From eCommerce integration, website performance (page load times), mobile-friendly navigation, and visual design to effective email marketing and the ability to measure & improve our site’s revenue generation, they successfully delivered all of this and much more. We have had a great working relationship with Team Visionet. Their expertise with the Salesforce platform and other technologies have been spot on, and I appreciate how they always take the time to help us settle into new processes and technologies.”

Paul Strauss , Director Information Technology at Rebecca Taylor

"Visionet helped us strategically about all the aspects of e-Commerce we needed to address. From page load times, mobile friendly navigation, and visual designs to our ability to measure and improve our site’s revenue generation. ”

Jeff Emmons, VP e-Commerce at CPO


Power -Packed Tools for Rapid Implementation

Plug-ins & Product Accelerators


CommerceLink cartridge available at LINK Marketplace

Allows modern retailers to quickly achieve omnichannel integration and unification between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (Retail)


Restaurant Online Ordering Quick-Start

An end-to-end restaurant order management solution, that is compatible with legacy POS systems and allows for a smooth mobile dine-in ordering & payment experience.


Commerce Cloud SFRA Accelerator

Full set of improved and optimized mobile and desktop design templates for quick design integration and launch without compromising quality and UI/UX best practices

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