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The Need for a Modern Solution to Optimize the Data Lifecycle

Data management has become increasingly important as businesses increasingly depend on data to make informed decisions. However, the capacity to derive valuable insights from data can be hampered by slow, error-prone processes usually resulting from old data administration methods. What’s required is a modern-day solution that automates and optimizes the data lifecycle, from ingestion through analysis, to help organizations overcome these issues – ultimately assisting businesses in streamlining their data pipelines, enhancing data quality, and facilitating faster, more accurate decision-making by business users.

Here are some challenges organizations face without DataOps:

  • Operational inefficiencies resulting in slower turnaround and higher operational overheads
  • Lack of standardization and best practices for operational processes, new feature addition, release management, etc.
  • Lack of a robust data observability framework resulting in poor data quality and challenges in data-based decision making
  • Operational instability and manual interventions in delivering data move focus away from innovative thinking
  • Disrupted data flow to end business users resulting in an inability to consume data timely and execute data use cases

Visionet DataOps: A Modern Approach to Data Operations Management

Our goal is to speed up the time-to-market while reducing the downtime associated with data operations, and simplifying the process of introducing new features by fostering a culture based on continuous improvements. We assist organizations in achieving agile release cycles, handling incident management, and complying with regulatory requirements by applying effective data management procedures based on the principles of continuous improvement.


Visionet DataOps Framework

Visionet offers a comprehensive DataOps framework that helps organizations handle their end-to-end data pipeline for analytics and data-centric use cases, while also helping them achieve their goals. Our framework covers every aspect of the data supply chain for analytics, from data ingestion to data delivery, incorporating industry-standard methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD.

At the core of the framework, we start with a governance framework and use design principles and standards to manage four crucial data aspects: data platform, data storage, data pipeline, and data consumption. This allows organizations to achieve technology acceleration and optimization. The framework also includes data observability and health management to ensure data quality and leverages continuous improvement principles to achieve operational excellence. We provide accurate documentation of SOPs & SLAs, define user roles and create a comprehensive knowledge base. This aids in reducing data downtime by implementing incident management procedures, while automated processes enable faster release deployments.

Visionet DataOps Value Propositions

Stringent Governance

We strive to help organizations maintain high standards of data quality, security, and regulatory compliance with our DataOps services.

    Key outcomes:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Security Governance
  • Delivery Governance
  • Data Quality Process Improvement

Optimize Operations

We optimize operations for clients, which enables them to shift their focus away from daily operational management and adopt an innovation-focused approach to enhance the end-user experience.

    Key outcomes:

  • Data Downtime Reduction
  • Performance Optimization
  • Faster Response Time and Reduced Operational Cost with Automation
  • Improved End-User Experience

Agility and Automation

Visionet's DataOps services bring agility to operations allowing product modifications and new feature additions to be made more rapidly.

    Key outcomes:

  • DevOps
  • Collaboration and Accountability
  • Easier & Faster New Service Enablement
  • Rapid Productization
  • Change & Release Management Process Maturity

Technology Acceleration

With our DataOps framework, organizations can embrace cutting-edge technologies to enhance their data-related activities. This comprises utilizing technologies such as cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence to increase operational effectiveness and cut costs.

    Key outcomes:

  • Increased Service Availability
  • Workload Management & Cost Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Platform Compliance

Data Observability

Visionet also offers Data Observability services for end-to-end pipeline visibility. Our observability offering helps in the following:


Identify Data Quality Issues

Evaluate the quality of data at each layer


Process Insights

Centrally monitor data health in real-time and diagnose root causes, ensuring minimum downtime


Drive Better DataOps

Monitor your data pipelines and processes


Monitor Data Lifecycle

Visualize data lineage at a granular level with metadata details

Case Studies

Data Platform Modernization for a Fortune 500 Insurer

Visionet revamped a Fortune 500 insurer's data platform for optimized performance and costs and improved data management.

Download case study

Case Studies

Establishing a True DataOps Culture for a Leading Biotech Company

By embracing a true DataOps culture with the help of Visionet, a leading biotech company was able to achieve noteworthy enhancements in performance, efficiency, and collaboration.  

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Case Studies

Streamlining Data Operations for a National Home Goods Retailer

Our client is a national home goods store with over 2,500 locations across the US, generating multi-billion-dollar revenue annually. Visionet streamlined its data operations and improved efficiency and performance through DataOps.

Download case study

Case Studies

Transforming Telecom DataOps: Enhancing Stability, Performance, and Governance for a Telecom Giant

The client is a multinational telecom company headquartered in Norway, providing mobile and fixed-line telecommunication services to over 180 million customers across 9 countries in Europe and Asia. 

Download case study


Navigating the DataOps Journey: Best Practices and Implementation Roadmap

Embark on a seamless journey to embrace a true DataOps culture with Visionet’s comprehensive white paper.

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