Intelligent Process Automation – Guide to Successful Implementation

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Today’s tech-driven world is all about automation. Almost every industry is reaping its benefits in one way or another and making its business more productive and efficient. One form, in particular, is making headlines across the globe and it is known as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

According to Gartner, IPA sits at the top of the list of the highest-ranked enterprise software and the spending on it is constantly increasing as well. Organizations are leveraging their efficiencies to enable digital transformation to achieve the desired business objectives.

However, implementing new technology, especially, something as disruptive and innovative as Intelligent Process Automation requires a lot of planning. Businesses and IT teams seeking solutions to automation challenges by implementing IPA without proper planning and defining the goals, often fail to achieve returns.


Objectives of this Whitepaper

  • Identifying pitfalls in IPA implementation
  • The steps to be taken to ensure successful IPA implementation



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