Build a sophisticated app in a few hours without coding

June 11, 2019

Build a sophisticated app in a few hours without coding

Automation is all around us, not because humans are getting lazy, but because it helps boost operational efficiency and enhance productivity. Automating manual tasks enables your team to focus on core business functions without shifting their attention to something that a machine can do on your behalf. One form of optimizing a business process is creating an app for it to reduce manual effort.
Web and mobile apps are fundamentally changing how business is done by making business processes simpler and smarter. They help businesses encourage a collaborative culture by improving company-wide information sharing, storage, analysis, and management.
Has your company adopted this change yet? You can either choose from a myriad of apps available today that suit your business needs or you can build an app specifically for your business. If you’re worried about not having a programmer on your team to build an app for you, relax; Microsoft has you covered with its easy-to-use PowerApps platform.
PowerApps helps you create a full-featured web and mobile application for your business to replace manual and outdated processes. This “no-code” app-building solution simplifies and fast-tracks app development, enabling you to create powerful mobile apps with intuitive visual tools.

Accelerate custom app development by integrating your data

PowerApps enables you to integrate your business model, processes, and information from Office 365 and SharePoint into your app’s design to help you generate a flexible and immersive application that is compatible with any device. The solution gives you full control of creating the look and feel of your app according to your preferences and lets you add powerful capabilities like location awareness, microphone and camera functionality, and more. You can customize every detail your app’s user experience for certain tasks and roles using the PowerApps canvas.
With PowerApps, you can either build an app from scratch or use one of the many sample templates that it offers for routine business processes like expense reporting and site inspections.

Create an app for advanced processes like prototyping

Once you’ve discovered how to build an app on the platform, PowerApps offers you the creative freedom to build an innovative application for role-specific scenarios like inspections, field sales enablement, prospect to cash, and integrated marketing views. You can go one step further and build an app for prototyping that helps you plan your products’ design and structure before you get into the production stage of the product’s life cycle.
You can use a prototyping app for testing and evaluating product designs to make revisions to problematic parts that might not have been visible on paper, as well as to gain clarity about and make cost-saving changes to the production process. Leveraging apps for processes like planning and prototyping helps your business save money, time, and resources on products that are less likely to yield profitable returns.


Web and mobile apps have become an integral part of the digital transformation of businesses. Your company can leverage platforms like Microsoft PowerApps to create useful modern apps that will efficiently assist your team with important tasks.
Want to learn more about building an app without coding? Watch a recording of our webinar on building no-code apps with the Microsoft PowerApps platform.