Forging the Future of Insurance: Glimpses from Insurtech Insights Europe 2024

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By Akif Tarique, Global Head, Insurance

As Europe's premier Insurtech conference, Insurtech Insights Europe 2024 emerged as a vibrant crucible of futuristic ideas and technological breakthroughs. With over 6,000 delegates immersed in a whirlwind of insights for two dynamic days, the event ignited sparks of inspiration across the insurance spectrum, galvanising leaders, tech aficionados, and innovators alike.

Our Engagements at Insurtech Insights

Visionet pioneers innovation, and our active presence at Insurtech Insights Europe exemplifies our commitment. As a silver sponsor, we seized the opportunity to connect with industry peers, showcasing our avant-garde solutions, and contributing to forward-thinking dialogues shaping the insurance future.

Our booth buzzed with energy, attracting eager attendees keen to explore our cutting-edge offerings powered by AI. Live demos sparked spirited discussions, illuminating the latest industry trends.

A standout moment was the panel discussion featuring Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian, SVP Consulting & Digital from Visionet, wherein he talked on the topic of ‘How AI is the Answer to Emerging Underwriting Risks.’ The discourse delved into AI's ethical dimensions and strategies for bias mitigation, underlining its pivotal role in industry advancement.

In addition to our tech showcase, we offered a sign up for a workshop titled, ‘Strategising for High ROI AI While Adhering to Responsible AI Practices,’ led by Dr. Tariq Khan, our Chief Data Scientist. This session delved into crucial steps for crafting impactful AI solutions with ethical considerations at their nucleus, empowering participants to spearhead innovation and success within their organisations.

Insights and Learnings

The conference ignited transformative discussions, spotlighting themes reshaping insurance.

AI with Ethics at the Forefront: Central focus was the rise of game changer AI, emerging as a transformative force in insurance. Visionet's proactive stance positions us as leaders in this AI-driven innovative landscape.

From AI's ascendancy to ethical imperatives, the conference offered profound insights signaling the industry's tech-driven evolution. This shift heralds an era of rapid innovation, with AI revolutionising underwriting and claims processing. While its potential is still unfolding, embracing transparency and ethical AI practices is paramount.

Digital-First Imperative: Insurers must adopt a digital-first approach to meet Gen Z's demands. Hyper-personalisation and paperless operations are now indispensable, with Visionet aiding clients in achieving significant turnaround time reductions.

Navigating Evolving Risks: Insurers face complex risks like climate change and political instability, demanding proactive risk management. Collaboration emerged as a pivotal theme, fostering innovation and resilience.

Summing Up

Insurtech Insights Europe 2024 was a beacon of innovation, and Visionet was proud to play an important role. From our bustling booth to insightful discussions, we reaffirmed our commitment to reshaping insurance's future.

As we stride into a future teeming with innovation, Visionet remains steadfast, poised to drive meaningful change in insurance technology, one solution at a time.

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