How does Dynamics AX for Retail help retailers create the complete customer experience?

How does Dynamics AX for Retail help retailers create the complete customer experience?

Dec 29

Retailers who wish to provide customer shopping experiences that promise consistency and convenience to consumers opt for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail which is an end to end solution including cross channel capabilities, social and mobile commerce, enriched point of sale (POS), and powerful enhancements for merchandising.
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail provides scalability that allows for future growth and expansion. It has revolutionized the experience for customers and sales associates at the point of sale. Because of its simplicity in terms of operations as well its ease of use, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail has set itself apart from other solutions.
Dynamics AX for Retail comes with the reliability of delivering in accordance to a brand’s promise and helps retailers create the complete customer experience by doing the following:

  • Creating Incomparable Connections with Customers:

    Through Social and Mobile commerce Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail offers retailers the ability to engage with customers through promotions, discounts or coupons offered on social networks and marketplaces. Furthermore, the over-all shopping experience makes the customer feel in control due to multichannel capabilities that enable customers to buy, return or replace items as per their own will.

  • Increasing Employee Productivity:

    Dynamics AX for Retail provides employees with relevant information and details through tailored Role Centers that increases the productivity of employees by enabling them to make quick and accurate decisions. Additionally, sales associates get to spend more time making individual contact with customers and catering to their needs because Dynamics AX enables orders to be created and managed at the POS.

Enabling Improved Decision Making: Retailers using Dynamics AX for Retail are able to make better decisions because of the insights available to them through integrated multichannel management; for example it helps retailers predict trends. Additionally the merchandising functionality allows the retailer to manage inventory and meet customer demand with efficiency and accuracy.