Omnichannel Customer Experience: The Fastest Way to Improve Customer Retention

Omnichannel Customer Experience: The Fastest Way to Improve Customer Retention

Jul 27

We know you want to acquire new customers. But what is better than acquiring a new customer? The answer is simple: it is retaining an existing customer for the long run.

Customer retention, simply put, is an art. It is sophisticated because it involves emotions as a higher rate of customer retention indicates brand loyalty – something that we all strive for. Online shopping behavior has witnessed a seismic shift ever since the pandemic and the need to improve customer retention has become even more essential. The downfall of brick-and-mortar stores and the transcendence towards digitization have changed the fabric of consumer behavior. A Periscope report by McKinsey highlighted the fact that 46% of US consumers changed brands during the COVID-19 pandemic. When there’s a change in consumer behavior of this magnitude, maybe it’s time you look for better ways to retain your customers.

One such way is to provide an omnichannel customer experience.

Why improve customer retention with omnichannel customer experience?

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review showed that 73% of online shoppers preferred an omnichannel customer experience. Furthermore, 23% of these shoppers turned into long-term customers of clients who were able to provide an omnichannel shopping experience. In difficult situations such as the pandemic, these numbers are even more alarming, and companies need to look at omnichannel solutions to gain a higher customer retention ROI. A holistic omnichannel customer experience strategy can build brand loyalty which leads to higher customer retention rates.


Omnichannel customer experience


Earn customers for life with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service rightfully claims that you can earn customers for life through deploying a sound omnichannel customer experience. Addressing customer service challenges through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables consistency in how you engage with your customers through the following means:


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Improve customer retention with Self-service support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service predominantly relies on automation to drive customer services parameters. Through self-service support, you will be able to efficiently resolve issues a customer faces through AI-powered virtual agents that will also save time and costs. AI-powered virtual agents are a powerful tool that can offer your customers the ease that is necessary to provide a good shopping experience. Furthermore, D365 Customer Service helps you build a community surrounding your business through community portals where past and existing customers can talk it out. This form of self-service is especially interesting as it enables constructive discussions and a sense of belonging for the customers.


Improving customer retention


The touch of personalization with omnichannel customer experience

Personalization and brand loyalty are two sides of the same coin. Both are highly relevant to each other as personalization with customers delivers loyalty. Through the D365 omnichannel solution, your employees will have access to a customer’s profile that includes previous interaction and history with your company. In an omnichannel ecosystem, you can use personalized information and deliver a connected experience across all channels including SMS, voice chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., within a unified desktop agent. Personalization provides a consistent brand experience, according to Mackenzie Corp, 60% of millennials expect consistent brand experiences—whether in-store, online or by phone.


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Expand your engagement channel scope with omnichannel customer experience

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services, you can expand your engagement channel scope and improve customer retention. It can be seen as a modern, highly scalable, and custom app that produces rich omnichannel engagement across messaging channels. You don’t need to dedicate time or resources to each messaging channel, as Dynamics 365 provides one unified platform where you can manage all your customer support channels.


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Reference: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Improve customer retention with Sentiment analysis

Leverage the powers of sentiment analysis that allows enriched insights into what your customers have expressed about your brand on online forums. It opens up endless possibilities to understand your customers’ emotional state and produces opportunities to upsell services.


sentiment analysis


Reference: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Tools that empower

Dynamics 365 Customer Services focuses on team empowerment through the provision of tools designed to help agents deliver a better experience for customers which can be used to improve customer retention. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice enables survey insights that can be combined with customer data to discover ways to further improve a customer’s experience. Through Microsoft Teams integration, agents can easily connect to subject experts if they cannot find an appropriate response to a query along with AI-powered suggestions that use real-time contextual cues for solving complex issues. Agents can also work across multiple open cases without the fear of losing any information.


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Actionable insights

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, agents can use actionable insights to drive customer engagement. It uses sentiment analysis and translation to provide context to agents on how they can drive an effective conversation. A vital part of D365 Customer Service is that you can use a centrally managed knowledge base that is also available for customers. Using analytical tools, you can make strategic decisions and further expand your knowledge base.

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The future is omnichannel

Reliance on online mediums for shopping is one of the prominent consumer behavior traits developed after the pandemic. This transition indicates a permanent change in consumer behavior as the online realm is where the future is, and you need to develop experiences that leave a lasting impact on this new generation of consumers.

Deliver a sound omnichannel experience with Visionet

Visionet realizes that omnichannel customer experience is where the future lies, and your business needs our expertise to stay on the top of the curve. Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation is a testimony itself on how we can deliver a holistic omnichannel experience to improve customer retention and elevate customer support services. Contact our experts today to know how you can power consistently memorable experiences across every touchpoint to turn your customers into loyal brand advocates.