Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

October 5, 2022

October 5, 2022

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

With the rising shift to digitization, B2C businesses are undergoing a radical transformation. Convenience and tailor-made experiences are driving new waves of buyers online. B2C consumers are more intelligent and tech-savvy. They expect similar experiences across all channels. Thus, consistent experiences, anywhere, anytime, can help you seize your prime segments. Salesforce Commerce Cloud might just be the perfect all-round solution for your business.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Numbers:

90% 71% 85% 78%
of the consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services. switched brands at least once as priorities, lifestyles, or financial situations changed. expect consistent interactions across departments. have used multiple channels to start and complete a transaction.

Source: Salesforce

Simply put, consumers are embracing new ways of commerce, and so should businesses. Salesforce, a cloud-based eCommerce solution, helps you address such challenges with a customer-first approach. With the focus on AI-led personalization, its strengths expand on product catalog management, front-end management, and search and merchandising. In addition, its well-established solution makes Salesforce the best fit for high-gross-merchandise-value (GMV) businesses. This is another reason why it is one of the top technology partner preferences in the B2C industry. Let’s take a look at what is Salesforce Commerce Cloud and what it can do for your business.

Source: Gartner™: Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, 2022

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant platform that provides a unified solution for buyers and customers. This cloud-based solution offers pixel-perfect customer experiences and drives growth with embedded commerce across the customer journey. Powered by commerce APIs, AI, and cutting-edge merchandising, developer, and marketing tools, it delivers personalized experiences at every touchpoint. This crucial element of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform seamlessly enables customer success every day across all functions on a global scale.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Here are 5 things you should know when selecting the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud. Read ahead to learn how these can help you accelerate your business growth with advanced Salesforce commerce cloud features.

1. Harness Data for All-time High Personalization

Consumer mindsets are shifting rapidly, and digital-first is becoming a widespread notion. As they evolve, they expect companies to transform too. According to studies, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. The fastest way to bridge such demands is by leveraging AI technology. AI taps into the breadcrumbs of data that empowers businesses to make more informed personalized interactions using real-time insights. Now gaining familiarity among consumers, AI can help you up your processes while building trust and unique experiences using consent-forward approaches.

(Source: Salesforce)

2. Offer Convenience with More Payment Options

This cloud-based platform facilitates businesses to offer multiple payment options at the checkout. By providing diverse payment options, companies can attract more customers through a convenient POS system. It is no doubt that traditional payment methods like debit and credit card digital payments are favored by many eCommerce consumers. However, NFC-based payment options are expected to become a game changer in digital commerce interfaces. Companies can tap into their cloud capabilities to explore advanced payment options that come with changing consumer lifestyles.

(Source: Salesforce)

Similarly, like the above companies, you can effectively bridge the engagement gap and achieve higher conversions by conforming to changing user preferences.

3. Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

Since the pandemic, digital platforms have gained increasing acceptance in eCommerce circles. Companies who are focusing on one platform may want to refocus their approach. Research shows that B2C consumers engage across an average of nine touchpoints when interacting with a company. And the demand for digital channels is not stopping anytime soon. More reasons why omnichannel experiences should be among your top three priorities.

Source: Salesforce

The good news is that Salesforce Commerce Cloud features can help you explore commerce-friendly channels to meet your customers where they are. You can create innovative content on new digital storefronts and provide effective customer engagement via emerging platforms like — web3, metaverse, TikTok, etc. Thus, by leveraging these features and functionalities, you can drive consistent engagement in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

4. Fortify Long-term Customer Relationships

Businesses must differentiate in the market to become their digital buyer’s top preference. This can be achieved by delivering cohesive customer interactions without compromising value delivery and customer privacy. For instance, incorporating your ordering platform with Salesforce may empower you with a 360° customer view. The best part is that it seamlessly considers every aspect of your buyer’s needs. As a result, businesses may design consistent customer journeys to boost sales, improve conversion rates, ensure customer retention, and nurture leads.

5. Enables Flexible Fulfillment

Flexible payment options don’t stop at the Point of Sale but also extend to order fulfillment. Customers now expect more than one payment option, such as fast shipping, BIOS, or curbside pickup. The research findings below also expand on the notion.

Source: Salesforce

This indicates the significance of adopting commerce solutions that help you simplify eCommerce interactions without disrupting existing operations. To achieve this, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the best prospects. Its AI and cloud capabilities allow you to optimize the entire fulfillment journey. As a result, it enables better customer understanding, intelligent strategy development, and gaining more customer trust. All the more reason why this powerful platform will be an excellent value for your business.

Key Takeaways

With expansive value additions, Salesforce Commerce Cloud qualifies as a single platform that enables consistent omnichannel shopping experiences. Leverage its core features to empower digital consumers, personalize customer engagement, and deliver customer-centric experiences through a 360° customer view.

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