Marks & Spencer Achieves Rapid Ecommerce Transformation

Marks and Spencer
Visionet implemented Catapult for Marks & Spencer to rapidly reimagine their eCommerce experience and achieve record-breaking sales while significantly increasing conversion rates, average order value, operational efficiency, and much more.
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M&S’s legacy web store was built on outdated technology, which wasn’t cost-effective to update.

  • The custom eCommerce solution was managed by a third party where there were concerns regarding the availability of resources to provide long-term support.
  • The school onboarding process was manual and inefficient, limiting growth opportunities.
  • Reporting and analytics were having minimal impact on operational efficiencies.
  • All the logistics services were outsourced to a third party to deal with stock management, deliveries, etc.
  • Stock information was provided by the 3PL provider that used to be uploaded to the online store, resulting in inventory data synchronization issues.
  • M&S needed to migrate the existing legacy setup to a system that would streamline and unify front and back office operations to deliver the envisioned business results.

The upgrade had to happen before the peak season to cater to the needs of high traffic volumes, and Visionet had to deliver the entire project within 20 weeks.

Marks and Spencer


Visionet proposed Catapult – a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation service package designed to enable rapid eCommerce adoption.

At first, M&S was doubtful of the project’s completion within such a short time frame. Leveraging Visionet’s powerful accelerators and enhancers integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, the multi-tier implementation plan enabled the brand to rapidly adopt a  seamless digital buying experience.

The team delivered the required implementation within 16 weeks, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, revamping the end-to-end eCommerce experience.


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