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Jeweler Case Study
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Visionet created an AR solution for mobile devices and large digital displays that provides try-it-on functionality, displays a digital product catalog and current promotions, and suggests products based on facial features.


Our client is a gold and diamond jewelry company with a legacy of over five decades and approximately 100 showrooms in 72 cities and towns across India. They approached Visionet to build an augmented reality (AR) platform that would enable its customers to virtually try on a digital catalog of jewelry items at its retail showrooms or using a mobile app.
Their vision was to create a sustainable and innovative competitive differentiation by offering a highly engaging, eye-catching, and emotionally powerful digital experience.


As part of our mobility and augmented reality practice, Visionet’s experts determined the buying journey and preferences of shoppers across different channels and platforms to create an effective digital experience in 3 months.
Visionet created a multipurpose solution called “AR Mirror” for mobile devices and large digital displays that provides try-it-on functionality and also displays a digital product catalog and current promotions.
We also deployed an AI engine that automatically suggests products and recommends best-fit ornaments based on customers’ facial features.

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Jeweler Case Study
Jeweler Case Study

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