Many Business Functions Where RPA Can Provide Stellar Results

Many Business Functions Where RPA Can Provide Stellar Results

Dec 4

Every business wants increased productivity, lower costs, improved accuracy, and the ultimate customer experience. However, meeting customers’ ever-increasing expectations means providing on-demand customer service and quick order fulfillment, which is a major challenge for business that still rely on manual processes. More and more businesses are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) to accelerate operations and provide the foundation for a competitive advantage.
RPA helps you streamline digital work processes and reduce costs. It adds substantial value by freeing knowledge workers from repetitive manual tasks and enabling them to focus on accommodating customers and other high-value work. RPA reduces labor costs and minimizes human error without requiring expensive custom software development projects.

Common RPA use cases

You might have heard that RPA helps companies process transactions and communicate with other digital systems, but there are literally hundreds of distinct ways that organizations are applying this technology in their day-to-day operations. Here are just a few of them:


Minimize sales issues, clerical errors, and customer complaints. Automate sales operations to provide fast service, receive payments earlier, and improve cash flow.


With a fully automated procure-to-pay, your invoicing cycle time decreases from 6-8 minutes to 30 seconds and SLA breach drops by 70%.


Reduce customer, employee, or trading partner onboarding time from 20 days to 5 minutes using optical character recognition (OCR) and cognitive automation. Most onboarding can be completed nearly instantly.

Multi-format data extraction

Coupled with OCR and basic pattern recognition technologies, RPA enables data extraction from any format, reducing the need for manually keying in data.

Generating mass emails

Mass emails that use data from multiple systems are difficult to create manually. RPA can help you avoid manually composing and sending hundreds of individual emails.

Shipping notifications

eCommerce websites and logistics companies use RPA to obtain shipping details from provider databases and track shipments through GPS.

Fraudulent account termination

Banks and other organizations need to monitor accounts constantly to detect and report any suspicious activity. Manually reviewing activity logs is not a feasible option, so automating this process using RPA is a great way to prevent fraud and other forms of noncompliant activity.

Faster order processing

Fulfill customer orders without direct human intervention. RPA takes care of the entire process by monitoring and systematically updating these orders without the risk of errors or delays.


RPA can offer your business significant benefits by performing everyday tasks faster, cheaper, and with greater accuracy. However, it is important to pay attention to the way this technology is deployed. To identify and address implementation bottlenecks, find a technology partner that understands your company’s vision. For more information on how RPA can help you fulfill your digital transformation goals, please contact Visionet.