Reducing small parcel shipping costs in Dynamics 365

September 10, 2018

Reducing small parcel shipping costs in Dynamics 365

Inefficient shipment processes pose a major supply chain challenge for retailers with high order volumes. Customer satisfaction hinges on your ability to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. Frequent delays in shipments, delivering the wrong items, or misplacing orders can significantly drive up costs and damage your customer relationships. Most of these issues stem from using manual procedures or standalone software to manage shipping.

Shipping without digital integration

If you don’t use an integrated shipping solution, you have to perform many steps in the shipping process manually, which is a highly error-prone approach. You have to locate the shipping orders to process, fetch the relevant order and customer details from your ERP system, enter these details into your logistics provider’s website, enter shipping parameters for label generation, print individual labels, paste each label on the correct item, and hand the items over to the courier. You also need to adjust your inventory levels manually and visit your logistics provider’s website to track your packages.
Fortunately for retailers, modern digital shipping solutions resolve several fundamental problems in the shipping process.

The efficiency of unified shipping solutions

Modern shipping software integrates with your ERP platform to streamline key shipping processes like warehouse operations and distribution, and helps you manage local and international deliveries and returns quickly and accurately. These digital solutions significantly reduce shipping costs and accelerate the shipping process by eliminating repetitive processes like copying and printing shipping details for each order.
Unified shipping solutions integrate your ERP system with nationwide courier services like FedEx and UPS. You can create and reuse shipping profiles for multiple carriers, assign a preferred carrier to each customer, and dynamically choose between different shipper accounts.
Many solutions let you automate return label printing and support configurable GS1-128 label printing for LTL and TL shipments, and also offer several customer service features like real-time parcel tracking and order status updates, which contribute to higher customer satisfaction.
To reduce shipping costs and time per order, your business should consider investing in ERP-integrated digital shipping tools like Visionet’s Advanced Shipping Solution, which improves overall supply chain efficiency by eliminating several manual steps during order fulfillment. Join Visionet’s experts on September 18 for our in-depth webinar, “Live Demo of Small Parcel Shipping in Dynamics 365” to learn more about how easily digital technology can enhance your shipping process.