Omni-Channel Retail


Boost brand loyalty and repeat purchases by giving customers their favorite shopping experience from any device, anytime, anywhere


Modern retail customers shop and research products very differently from the way people made purchases just ten years ago. They have more avenues of information access available to them, and they are more comfortable moving fluidly from one device or channel to the next through the course of a single purchasing decision. For these reasons, it is increasingly important that businesses provide complete access to their product catalog, customer services, and purchasing channels from every type of device and medium.



Capitalize on all consumer channels to maximize customer engagement

Visionet has assisted global retail brands with standardizing and enhancing the capabilities of their retail channels, so that their customers can shop when they want, where they want, and how they want. With websites and product catalogs that can be viewed on any device, online stores that offer a consistent navigation and shopping experience, and multiple ways to contact your business for assistance, our omni-channel ERP implementations vastly improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.



Maximize ROI by maintaining a single, reliable data store for all retail channels

In addition to improvements to quality of service, Visionet’s omni-channel retail solutions and services consolidate and streamline the technology infrastructure of your retail business, leading to lower operational costs and support expenses. Instead of maintaining separate legacy information systems for each retail channel, Visionet implements unified information solutions that span all channels. Not only does maintaining a single repository of information avoid unnecessary expenditure, it also improves business-wide knowledge sharing and prevents the proliferation of conflicting, out-of-date information.



Maximize ROI with Visionet’s Dynamics 365 solutions for retail and fashion

At Visionet, we understand the specific needs of different spheres of business. In order to ensure that they conform to your business needs as closely as possible, our solutions are designed to accommodate the conventions and nuances that make your business special. Our unified ERP solutions for retail and fashion make best use of your business information to promote customer interaction, drive sales growth, and keep costs in check.

Dynamics 365 for Retail

In order to meet today’s growing demands for efficiency and personalized customer experiences, retail businesses must optimize their operational workflows. By fully integrating their consumer analytics, supply chain, and other information systems into a dynamic whole, Visionet’s unified ERP solutions simplify and standardize data capture and analysis, automate supply chain operations, and reduce technology costs across all retail channels.


Unified ERP for Fashion

Success in the fashion business requires lightning-quick responses to rapidly changing preferences and emerging consumer trends. To smoothly coordinate your supply chain with the demands of regional markets and provide customers with relevant, customized recommendations, a single information repository that includes customers’ purchasing behavior, stock levels, and sales figures can find patterns and opportunities that separate databases would have overlooked.

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