Get the Most Out of Your Cloud with the AWS Well-Architected Review

Get the Most Out of Your Cloud with the AWS Well-Architected Review

Feb 4

Is your business leveraging all the benefits of AWS resources? According to the latest cloud usage statistics, 48% of organizations save important and sensitive information online and cloud security is one of the major concerns for a majority of enterprises. Besides securing your system, to be able to proactively meet the constantly changing business needs, it is vital to develop a robust, efficient, & stable cloud infrastructure.


Importance of AWS Well-Architected Framework

To make sure your system is in sync with business expectations, Amazon developed the AWS Well-Architected Framework. It is an amalgam of AWS best practices and design principles that empower you to effectively measure the system’s performance and suggest changes if there’s room for improvement. Moreover, it allows you to implement design practices that favor scalability, as application requirements change over time.

This framework makes the cloud assessment process productive and consistent. The AWS-powered evaluation gives valuable insights into your existing or under-development system and suggests remediations if need be. In the tech world, change is constant, and keeping up with it is essential to sustain growth. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a great strategy in this regard too. It empowers you to successfully deal with any unforeseen changes.




The AWS-Well Architected Pillars

The evaluation follows AWS’s 5 pillars, namely: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, & Cost-optimization.




1. Operational Excellence

To efficiently manage systems and boost supporting processes to deliver business value, it is vital to achieve operational excellence.
During Visionet’s Well-Architected Review, you will learn about proper system management and setting standards to cope with the daily state of affairs and system changes.

2.  Security

According to Cybersecurity Insiders, cloud security is a major concern for 78% of IT industry leaders, and around 91% of them increased spending on this important aspect last year. The year 2022 will see more investment pouring into cloud security and reach a whopping $12.73 billion.




The AWS Well-Architected Framework assessment will assist you in devising the best cloud security practices such as regulatory obligation compliance and financial loss prevention.

3. Reliability

This important pillar entails a system’s ability to remain stable during system disruptions, effectively utilize available resources to meet demands, and quickly remediate issues related to system misconfigurations.

AWS’s reliability-focused practices make sure that your cloud infrastructure can swiftly recover from disruptions. Allowing you to deliver uninterrupted services and cater to customer needs.

4. Performance Efficiency

Our AWS Well-Architected review empowers you to utilize the available resource in the best possible manner to meet business requirements. This cloud assessment will also cover the following performance efficiency-related topics:

  • Uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Benchmark-based review.
  • How to choose the right resources.
  • Turning data into customer value.

5. Cost Optimization

Delivering high-quality service at the lowest price is every business’s dream and AWS Well-Architected review can help you achieve that. Here’s what we’ll help you explore in this regard:

  • Expenditure over time.
  • A better understanding of the spend.
  • Smart scaling with respect to cost to meet the changing business needs.
  • Opting for the right resources.


The AWS Well-Architected Review Process




The idea here is to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is in sync with the AWS Well-Architected pillars. We do this by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your existing system and identifying workloads.
  • Addressing questions related to your architecture.
  • Reviewing the findings against AWS Well-Architected Framework and the 5 pillars.


Importance of AWS-Well Architected Framework
The QA session covers both functional & non-functional requirements to qualify for the AWS-suggested best practices. Conducting these reviews regularly paves way for a structured & consistent approach and enables you to receive the best ROI.
Well-architected reviews could only be performed by AWS Solution Architects initially. In recent years, however, they have opened gates for exclusive partners like Visionet to run the assessments on their behalf.


Key Takeaways

  • This blog talks about the importance of conducting regularly these WAF reviews
  • How your cloud stacks up against the AWS Well-Architected pillars.


Go Well-Architected with Visionet

In the end, it comes down to the quality of the process. To ensure the best possible outcome, it is essential to get your framework assessed by AWS-certified cloud architects such as Visionet, who possess the relevant expertise in creating cloud infrastructures powered by AWS Well-Architected Framework.
We can help you identify areas of improvement in terms of security, performance, cost-optimization, and help support mission critical-workloads, faster. With AWS Well-Architected Framework as the foundation, we can help turn your cloud into customer value.