Microsoft Inspire 2022: Making More Possible

Microsoft Inspire 2022: Making More Possible

Jul 8

Top 10 tips to make the best out of Microsoft Inspire 2022 and Engage with Visionet

Microsoft claims that its Partners are vital to the cause of digital transformation as they make ‘more possible’. This year’s Microsoft Inspire is about making connections that can lead to great opportunities. Inspire allows you to connect with Microsoft’s Partner community and learn from industry leaders about how you can transform your business enterprise while securing a digital future. The virtual event is scheduled to be held on July 19-20, 2022.


Networking at Digital Events:

We know handshakes are off the table at virtual events but virtual conferences are here to stay for a long time. Conferences or events for just about every industry have moved online and it’s time you embraced the change as well. Connecting at Digital Events such as Microsoft Inspire is easy and as an attendee you can get all the information, knowledge and develop everlasting relationships from the comfort of your couch if you follow a few tips.


Here are 10 tips on how you can better engage with Microsoft Partners at Inspire 2022:

1) Establish your Goals:

Microsoft Inspire gives you an opportunity to map out your business enterprise’s long-term strategy towards success. This is the reason why it’s important to establish your goals before the virtual event kicks off. Make a list of your business’s goals by taking into consideration how you want to set the direction of your business for the next couple of years or more.

2) Register for the Event:

Of course, you need to register for the event so that you can actually attend. It’s always good to register as soon as possible as it allows you to plan your schedule. You can register for Microsoft Inspire 2022 here.

3) Check out the Schedule:

Microsoft Inspire is set to go live on July 19-20, 2022. Before any event starts, it is always better to take a look at the schedule. Head over to this link and take a look at the current schedule.

4) Plan your Schedule:

Once you’ve taken a look at Microsoft Inspire’s schedule then it is essential that you plan out your own schedule. It’s always better to have a set plan on what activities you want to be involved in and these will depend on your goals as well.

5) Explore the key themes beforehand:

Like all events, Microsoft Inspire follows certain themes each year. Explore the key themes beforehand so as to know which themes are better suited towards your goals. The themes have session catalogs for which you can register.

6) Check out who’s headlining:

Microsoft Inspire allows you to hear from the top leaders in the world of technology. Before the event kicks off, you must see who’s going to be speaking and prioritize accordingly.

7) Engage with Attendees:

It goes without saying that engaging with attendees is important. Inspire offers a chance for you to connect locally so that you can learn and extend your network with other partners, industry experts and Microsoft’s leadership team.

8) Network with Attendees:

Engaging with attendees will eventually lead towards networking. For this, you must register, build your profile, create meetings and explore numerous other ways to increase connections across Microsoft’s Partner ecosystem.

9) Seek Answers from Experts:

At Inspire, you’ll have the chance to dive deep into industry challenges during a detailed 30-minute live Q&A session with experts. For the Q&A session, you must write down a few questions that have been troubling you.

10) Join in the Celebrations:

At Inspire, Microsoft will recognize various partners who have performed exceptionally well in various categories. This year Visionet won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2022 in the category of Dynamics 365 Commerce. It’s always great to join in the celebrations so that you can identify Partners that can secure the future of your business.

Visionet at Microsoft Inspire 2022:

Visionet is showcasing its digital transformation strategy at the event. You can register with us to learn about how we’re transforming Commerce for B2B and B2C business by creating stellar cross-channel experiences. Also, after the event ends you can get in touch with us.