Underwriting support

Pre-underwriting support
We perform complete and comprehensive reviews, income calculation, credit reconciliation, asset verification and collateral reviews before submission to your underwriters to improve their productivity.
Pre-funding and Post Close QC
Our innovative Digital QC platform can be customized to your specifications to ensure that every analyst across the globe uses the same pre-funding QC process with built-in business rules. We also ensure that you conform to mandatory GSE guidelines by performing sample audits of closed loans from credit, collateral, closing, and compliance perspectives.
Fraud review
Expand your fraud prevention footprint. Perform in-depth audits, authenticate documents, review red flags, and detect early payment defaults. Cut down on buybacks and bad loans using detailed fraud reviews.

Post-close services

Post-close indexing
Our combination of OCR-powered auto-indexing and document splitting services and white-glove data verification help your organization improve accuracy and turnaround times.
Compliance review
The review disclosed loan estimates and closing disclosures (CD) to identify changes in circumstances. Submit loan files for compliance checks and take action on compliance failures indicated in detailed reports.
Trailing docs support
Our trailing document follow-up services help you manage document logs & status queues, resulting in fewer penalties in your secondary market operations.
HMDA reporting
Automatically capture and view reports on HMDA data points according to all the latest regulations and requirements.

Processing support

Indexing services
Combined with VisiLoanReview (VLR), our AI/ML based document processing solution, our processing services ensure over 98% accuracy, savings in costs and a significant reduction in processing time.
Loan setup
To maximize your loan officers’ productivity, we validate and update 1003 forms in your LOS and prepare and send initial disclosures before your loan officers begin their workday.
Loan processing and vendor ordering
Significantly improve borrower experience and enjoy faster loan closures using our cost-effective BPM services, including complete loan coordination, vendor ordering, document review, LOS reconciliations, calculations, and pre-approval DU/LP submission.

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