Visionet Launches Mobile Loan Origination App


Visionet Launches Mobile Loan Origination App

CRANBURY, NJ – April 13, 2018 – Visionet Systems Inc., a global services provider to a number of industries including the US home finance business, announced today the release of a new mobile app for loan origination called LoanVelocity. The tool allows any lender to extend its loan origination efforts into the mobile space affordably.

“We built LoanVelocity specifically to provide mortgage lenders with the most affordable, most scalable mobile loan origination platform available anywhere; we have accomplished that goal,” said Alok Bansal, Managing Director at Visionet Systems. “Today’s borrowers are mobile and they expect that their service providers meet them online. They are not satisfied with the old way of doing business and with Fintech lenders offering them an alternative, traditional lenders must take their origination teams into the mobile space to compete. We make that possible.”

LoanVelocity provides a handheld loan origination experience for borrowers, giving them easy access to the loan application process. Using the app on their mobile devices, borrowers can apply for loans, securely scan and upload documents, and track the status of their loan. The solution can be easily integrated into the lender’s existing Loan Origination System. In addition, LoanVelocity comes with a a back-end portal, an omnichannel communications platform and access to Visionet’s industry-leading mortgage outsourcing services to help accelerate originations.

Bansal added, “Providing a mobile app for mortgage lending has been a challenge for many because our business is complex, the price of non-compliance is exceedingly high and the bar for the consumer experience has been set high by companies outside of our space. We spent a great deal of time perfecting our offering and we believe it will be solving the problem which lenders are facing at the moment. Originators can significantly improve borrower experience and extend their reach exponentially with our new mobile app.”

The solution can be white labelled to suit the lender’s requirement and is currently available on both Android and iOS operating systems. To find out more about the product, contact the company today.

Visionet will be showcasing LoanVelocity at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Technology Solutions Conference & Expo, taking place April 15-18, 2018 in Detroit.

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