Visionet Supply Chain Transformation Success Stories

Visionet’s supply chain solutions ensures that our clients stay ahead of the curve and are able to negate supply chain disruptions.


Lack of operational efficiency

Outdated legacy ERP solution which prohibited adoption of modern technologies

Disoriented supply chain which led to inventory risks


Implementation of end-to-end, cloud-enabled enterprise platform with embedded AI and analytics

Customer Benefits

Improved employee and customer experience through sophisticated workflows and modern tools

Enhanced supply chain visibility and management

Streamlined business processes

Frictionless multi-channel operations to maintain a supply/demand balance

Visionet Impact

Implemented HauteLogic – Visionet’s end-to-end, cloud-enabled enterprise platform with embedded AI and analytics that delivered a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art modular components

Uplifted technological and operational infrastructure using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, Finance, and Commerce

Enhanced collaboration between retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers to achieve remarkable collaborative efficiency

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Vuori’s vision is inclined towards catalyzed growth and establishing itself as a key player in the apparel industry. This requires an upscale implementation of an ERP system that could holistically uplift Vuori’s digital footprint. The company’s ambition involved sustaining its current and projected growth with a top-tier ERP solution that can scale up to the needs of a billion-dollar brand.


Digitally connect Vuori’s entire value chain with enhance visibility and reporting capabilities


Lack of a unified digital retail platform with end-to-end connected processes

Low inventory visibility and inability to sell across multiple channels

Siloed customer data storage

Inefficient partner collaboration and inability to make data-backed decisions

Lackluster capabilities in shipping, warehousing and global outreach


ERP Platform implementation and Integration

Customer Benefits

Improved inventory levels and visibility across wholesale and D2C channels

Real-time operational visibility and analytics for decision making

Enhanced customer retention through loyalty program deployment

Boost in productivity through consolidated operations and automation

Improved shipping, warehouse, and global outreach processes

Visionet Impact

Replaced the client’s legacy retail platform with Dynamics AX to enable optimized and connected operations, as well as enhanced supply chain visibility

Implemented HauteLogic – Visionet’s unified end-to-end solution to better leverage omnichannel pathways and utilization of data

Leveraged Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities to optimize in-store retail operations, customer service, warehousing, inventory, and stock management, and other retail operations.

Set up loyalty programs management

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Visionet Dynamics 365 Commerce

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