Leverage CommerceLink to unleash the Omni-Channel with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Webinar Date
October 10, 2018
1:00 PM EDT
Speaker: Ali Zubairy, Deepak Das

Achieving omnichannel enablement is at the top of many retailers’ wish lists. Do you have an effective strategy to achieve the seamless flow of universally accessible business information?

Without creating a shopping experience that’s fully connected and consistent across customer touchpoints – from launching a marketing campaign and customer order fulfillment to billing and delivery – you’ll remain exposed to a high risk of customer churn.



Ali Zubairy

Vice President, e-commerce

Deepak Das

Deepak Das

SVP - Marketing


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  • What is true omni-channel enablement?
  • How to achieve a unified customer view across all sales channels
  • How to deliver consistent brand experiences across all customer touchpoints
  • Integration approach for B2C vs B2B retailers
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